About Tina

Hi, I'm Tina Wild A Sydney-based artist with a passion for painting the unique natural beauty that surrounds me where I live on the northern beaches.

I paint what lights me up: the ocean, vibrant colours, native Australian flora and fauna, birds, trees, flowers, and my beloved dogs.


My inspiration to paint is often to recreate a moment of joy and  wonder, which happens when I'm immersed in nature, at home and on my travels. My wish is to impart that same joyful peaceful, soothing experience.

Painting started as a hobby and turned into a passion, therapy and business. My studio is a garden shed which I love to escape to and create - surrounded by nature's muses, underneath the huge gum tree filled with native birds. 

I love to paint commissions, creating bespoke art for special occasions and keepsakes, incorporating objects, animals and colours that are held dear.